Two More US Invaders Captured in Iraq

On Saturday afternoon, Iraqi Mujahideen fighters succeeded in capturing two other US Marines in an ambush in ar-Ramadi, 110 km west of Baghdad. The Mujahideen  trapped the invaders in the city, where fierce fighting has been going on since Saturday morning.  No further details were immediately available.


Earlier,  on Saturday afternoon, violent fighting was underway for about an hour between dozens of Mujahideen  fighters and US occupation troops in the as-Sajariyah area in the eastern suburbs of ar-Ramadi, about 110 km west of Baghdad. The sound of powerful explosions and of artillery could be heard in the area followed by air raids by US fighterbombers.  The witnesses said that they had heard that the Americans were suffering heavy losses.


On Saturday evening, an Iraqi  fida’i fighter drove an explosives-laden Kia car into a checkpoint jointly manned by US and Iraqi puppet army soldiers in the al-Haqlaniyah area near al-Hadithah, 236 km northeast of Baghdad.  Three cars went past the area where the checkpoint was located and asked them to hurry up and go through because there was a martyrdom fighter ready to go and blow up the checkpoint.  The witnesses said, “five minutes later we heard the sound of the explosion.  It shook the whole eastern district of al-Hadithah. The car bomber killed or wounded more than 10 US and Iraqi puppet troops and set two Humvees that were parked at the checkpoint on fire.


Joy and celebration spread throughout all of al-Hadithah as news of the car bombing spread.  The particular checkpoint that was blown up was well known as a location where women were humiliated and searched and where any man with a long beard – such as is identified with \”Islamic fundamentalists\” – would be arrested.


An Iraqi Mujahideen bomb exploded by a US patrol in the city of ‘Anah, about 300 km northwest of Baghdad on Saturday morning. The bomb that had been planted by the side of the road in the Wadi al-Fahimi area blew up by the patrol, completely destroying a Humvee and killing two US soldiers and wounding three more of them to varying degrees.


Iraqi Mujahideen  fighters attacked a US column in the city of Hit, about 165 km northwest of Baghdad on Friday evening. The fighters fired a rocket at a Humvee in the column in the al-‘Ummal neighborhood in the middle of the city.  The rocket scored a direct hit on the vehicle severely damaging it and probably inflicting casualties among the US troops, the Al Basrah reported.

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