FM Spokesman Rejects Canada’s Proposed Resolution

A02237762.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Iranian foreign ministry spokesman rejected and denounced the contents of the resolution proposed to the UN by Canada concerning human rights conditions in Iran.

Iranian foreign ministry spokesman Mohammad Ali Hoseini made reference to the west’s selective and dual approach towards the issue of human rights and their misuse of the international bodies and said that the resolution proposed by Canada is no exception.

He further stated that any solution in the field of human rights which is based on exerting political pressures will fail to help to the practical promotion of human rights. The Iranian foreign ministry spokesman added that the contents of the present resolution have nothing to do with the real human rights conditions in Iran and contain misrepresentations and falsifications in many areas related to human rights.

Making reference to the fact that Canada, as a country which has proposed a human rights-related resolution against Iran is itself and according to internationally approved documents and reports, a serious violator of the rights of the Canadian natives and immigrants who are beaten up and mistreated by the Canadian police and are exposed to mistreatment and racial discrimination, Iranian foreign ministry spokesman said, “therefore, Canada is not in a position to make any claims concerning human rights condition in other countries”. Iranian foreign ministry spokesman said that preservation and support for human rights are top on the agenda of the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran in conformity with the high teachings and injunctions of Islam, the Constitution and internationally accepted norms.

Hoseini concluded by stating that Iran will not be affected by such pressures.

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