President Views Recent US Elections as a Defeat for both Parties

A0224222.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad here on Wednesday stressed that the recent US midterm legislative elections was a scandalous failure for both Republicans and Democrats, as the election results showed public rejection of US policies.

“The US is using complex propaganda to pretend that the recent election results implied the victory of a party over another one and that public dissidence has resulted from the Republicans’ wrong performance in Iraq. But in fact these were both the Republican and Democrat parties and the foundations of the US administration which experienced defeat,” Ahmadinejad underlined.

He said that participation of only 40% of the US population in the recent elections is not in conformity even with the democratic norms of the West itself, and continued, “If such a thing had happened in our country, they would have launch extensive propaganda against us and accused us of tyranny and disregard for democracy.”

The Iranian president further warned US democrats against practicing the same rules and committing the same crimes and oppressions that Republicans did, adding, “God destined the American superpower to failure and to losing its forged awe in the recent elections.”

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