Arab States Stress Peaceful Solution to Iran’s Nuclear Case

A02344411.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Kuwait’s Minister of Social Affairs and Labor and Deputy Foreign Minister Sheikh Sabah al-Khalid al-Hamad Saturday said that the Arab states share the common view that Iran’s nuclear standoff with the West should be settled through peaceful ways.

The Kuwaiti minister’s remarks came as he spoke to reporters after the 6+2 Group — foreign ministers of the Persian Gulf Cooperative Council plus Egypt and Jordan — held its 3rd consultative session.

The Arab states have reached the consensus that violence to settle Iran’s nuclear dispute should be avoided and a peaceful solution to the case reached, he added.

He said the 6+2 Group in its session discussed Iran’s nuclear program and developments in Palestine, Iraq and Lebanon, adding that Iran’s nuclear case has a direct impact on regional states.

Al-Sabah urged the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to boost cooperation with the 5+1 Group — the five permanent members of the UN Security Council Russia, China, Britain, France and the United States plus Germany — to resolve Iran’s nuclear case peacefully.

Regional states are not interested in escalation of tension and stress security and stability for the region, the Kuwaiti minister said.

He noted that the 6+2 Group had called for implementation of the peace process in the Middle East region based on an international plan known as the “Roadmap.” The group also stressed preservation of Iraq’s territorial integrity and restoration of security and stability in the country, he said.

He added that foreign ministers of the eight Arab states urged Lebanon to remain committed to UN Resolution 1701 while highlighting the importance of providing help to the Lebanese people and defense of national unity.

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