Iran Accepts Holocaust if Presented with Corroborative Evidence

A0165948.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Deputy Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mohammadi Tuesday said Iran, as an unbiased state, would accept the truthfulness of the Holocaust if substantiating evidence is presented in this regard.

“And if such a thing happens, then there remains the question as to why should Palestine compensate for a crime which has been committed by someone else,” he added while briefing reporters about the goals and objective followed by an international conference themed ‘The Holocaust, Global Prospects’ here in Tehran.

The official further reminded that during the last one year since President Ahmadinejad raised the controversial questions about the Holocaust, the world has just experienced hues and cries instead of receiving answers to those questions.

He also stated that the Tehran conference seeks to provide an opportunity for both the pros and cons of the Holocaust to put to debate and discuss their ideas under a fully open atmosphere and free from any kind of prejudice.

Meantime, the diplomat reminded that the studies’ center of the foreign ministry has so far received over 4,000 e-mails from individuals and organizations in the different world countries demanding to participate in the conference.

He also mentioned that 67 of the 90 articles received from 30 world countries have been admitted and their authors have been invited to attend the conference.

Mohammadi also pointed out that 34 articles have been written by Iranian authors, and the rest belong to foreign researchers and academicians.

The deputy foreign minister said that his ministry will also host another international conference on February 27th to study genocide of the American aborigines by European immigrants, concluding that there are many world phenomena which require further studies and examinations by the international community and that Iran is always willing to host such debates and discussions.

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