Bahrain Stresses Diplomatic Solution to Iran’s N. Case

A0041022.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Bahraini Crown Prince viewed talks as the most appropriate way to solve Iran’s nuclear issue.

The Bahraini prince made the remarks in a meeting with the visiting Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki in Manama on Sunday, a statement released by the Foreign Ministry’s Information and Press Bureau said.

During the meeting, Mottaki expressed pleasure with the two countries’ bilateral ties, and stressed the decisiveness of both Iranian and Bahraini officials for the further development of relations.

Referring to the issue of regional security, he highlighted the importance of cohesion and integrity in regional security, and added, “The region should be secure for all countries. Security and energy transfer should be viewed through an overall outlook.”

Stressing the contagious nature of insecurity, the top diplomat further stated that insecurity in any part of the region will certainly leak to the other parts as well.

He also voiced Iran’s preparedness to cooperate with neighboring countries to restore regional security, but meantime reminded that security may not be established by trans-regional forces.

For his part, Bahraini Crown Prince confirmed that regional security should be established through cooperation of regional states, adding, “We do not want the region to be pushed towards insecurity by irresponsible parties.”

Noting Iran’s nuclear issue, he stressed the need for talks between the two sides, and underlined that his country believes no other way but dialogue is appropriate for solving the issue.

Also in meetings with his Iraqi counterpart, special advisor to French President, security advisor to Japanese Prime Minister, Indian and Pakistani National Security Advisors, and Egyptian Deputy Foreign Minister, the Iranian Foreign Minister discussed bilateral ties and exchanged views about regional security.

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