Disintegration of Islamic Ummah Impossible

A01638591.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Palestinian Prime Minister Ismayil Haniyah underlined that despite the US efforts to foment ethnic-religious conflicts between Muslim Shiites and Sunnites, the Islamic Ummah (nation) will remain united.

“Despite decades of occupation, the Zionist regime has not made even an inch of progress in dissolving the Islamic, Arab and Palestinian nature and identity of the Holy Qods,” Haniyah said, while addressing a student congregation at Sharif Industrial University here in Tehran on Sunday.

He reiterated that the Palestinian government will never recognize the Zionist regime of Israel, and further laid emphasis on the Palestinian nation and government’s continued support for resistance.

Elsewhere, Haniyah pointed to the developments following Hamas victory in Palestinian parliamentary elections, including victory of the Lebanese spiritual and Islamic resistance against the Israeli army, resistance of the Palestinian nation against the Zionist occupiers and continued debates over Iran’s nuclear issue, and described resistance as the only way to set Palestine free.

“The land of Palestine belongs not just to the Palestinians, but to the entire Arab and Muslim populations, and we will safeguard this heritage,” he said, underlining that his administration and nation will not overlook even a span of the Palestinian territories.

Palestinian premier also stressed that his nation’s resistance would continue until liberation of Palestinian territories and reclamation of the holy Qods.

Haniyah also pointed to the efforts made by the US occupation troops and their allies to disintegrate the Islamic nation through fomenting ethnic and religious conflicts between Muslim Shiites and Sunnites, and underscored, “… despite all such efforts, we will remain a united Ummah.”

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