FM Reiterates Iran’s Support for Palestinians

A0249072.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki stressed that defending Palestinians’ rights sets a permanent and stable policy for the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Speaking in a meeting with the Palestinian Prime Minister Ismayil Haniyah here on Sunday, Mottaki assured that Muslim nations may spare no efforts in defending Palestinians’ resistance and supporting restoration of the legitimate rights of the Palestinian nation, a statement released by the Foreign Ministry’s Information and Press Bureau reported.

Referring to the current situation in Palestine, he said that world people can readily perceive signs of progress and victory for the Palestinian nation, adding that the United States’ wrong policies in approaching election results and victory of Hamas reveals its double standards in dealing with democracy.

Mottaki further elaborated on Washington’s policies on Palestine, and stressed that the United States’ unilateral policies combined with its blind support for Israel have caused further injustice for the Palestinian nation and, thus, increased resistance and insistence of the Palestinians on their rights.

For his part, Palestinian premier pointed to the ancient and great civilization of the Iranian people, and said that the entire world Muslims are proud of Iran’s support for the Palestinians’ rights.

“Iran’s support for Palestine at the international bodies and circles originates from the religious beliefs of the Muslim Iranian nation,” he reminded.

Ismayil Haniyah noted the barbaric policies of the Zionist regime towards the Palestinian people, and stressed that placement of various barriers in the way of the Palestinian government’s interaction with the outside world, imposition of economic sanctions on the Palestinian nation and daily massacre of the people are all aimed at levying pressure on Hamas to make it give in to the demands and ambitions of the Zionist regime.”

He also underlined that despite all the different types of pressures exerted by the Zionist regime of Israel on the Palestinian people, his nation will eventually embrace triumph.

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