Iran Dismisses Draft UN Resolution

A0186690.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Iran’s top nuclear negotiator Ali Larijani Wednesday dismissed the draft UN resolution on Tehran proposed by European states, saying that it brings restrictions to Iran’s use of peaceful civilian nuclear technology.

Speaking to a public congregation in the northern city of Amol, Larijani, meantime, reminded that the draft resolution does not worry Iran because Tehran has neither used nor seeks to possess nuclear weapons.

“As nuclear facilities and equipment do not constitute a basic commodity of the Iranian people, the likely ban on the imports of nuclear equipment may not affect social life of the Iranian people, and it will thus have no practical effect on the Iranian society,” he said in response to the question what impacts ratification of the draft UN resolution might leave on Iran’s political equations.

Elsewhere, Larijani reminded that while Russia is still not satisfied with the resolution, China has not used its authorities as a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC).

He said that Europeans are facing much difficulty in bringing the UNSC members into consensus over their proposed resolution.

The Supreme National Security Council Secretary also stressed that Iran’s nuclear case is a fully technical issue, which shouldn’t have been politicized and referred to the UN Security Council.

He said referral of Iran’s nuclear case to the UNSC lacks legality, and mentioned that the measure had been taken merely as a result of the West’s hostility towards Iran.

“Iran’s nuclear dossier should be resolved at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA),” he stressed, reminding that all his country’s nuclear activities and installations are under frequent inspections by the IAEA.

Larijani further underlined Iran’s nuclear rights, and reminded the western countries that the Islamic Republic is entitled to use its nuclear rights.

He reminded that according to the NPT and IAEA rules and regulations, the Agency should provide technical and financial support for all those countries which seek to peacefully use the civilian nuclear technology, adding, “But unfortunately we are witnessing that the practice of force has caused a blatant violation of these rules and regulations in the case of Iran.”

The nuclear official reminded that following the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, the western countries called off their nuclear contracts with Iran while they thought that Iran could never develop a home grown technology in grounds of the nuclear energy.

“But a few years later, specially after they visited Isfahan nuclear plant, they came to realize with much surprise that Iran has succeeded in developing a major portion of its required nuclear technology, and it was exactly then, when they started their strong opposition to Iran’s access to nuclear energy,” he continued.

Larijani said that Iranian policy makers believe that despite the country’s extensive oil and gas reserves, Iran should enjoy access to and use of nuclear technology as it will soon turn into a vitally decisive and strategic discipline.

Meantime, he described Iran’s nuclear activities as fully transparent and said despite the offensive and hostile measures taken by the West, Iran is still prepared to resolve the issue through talks.

The country’s chief nuclear negotiator stressed that the more pressures are exerted by the West on Iran, the more sensitive the Islamic Republic will become to the full acquisition of the nuclear technology.

To conclude his remarks, he assured that Iranian nuclear scientists would soon finish acquisition and development of the different stages and fields of the nuclear technology.

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