Mottaki Views Iran-Thailand Ties as Cordial

A0146113.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki voiced pleasure in the friendly and cordial relations between Iran and Thailand.

Addressing the inaugural ceremony of an exhibition on the documents of Iran-Thailand 50-year-long relations, Mottaki said in a message here on Wednesday that the two countries’ ties are filled with friendship and brotherhood.

Noting that Iran and Thailand have never accepted to undergo the yoke of colonialists, he reminded that Thailand has been the first country in east Asia to have sent an envoy to Iran, while Iran has been the first country in west Asia which has sent an ambassador to Bangkok.

Elsewhere, Thailand’s culture minister said in her inaugural speech that the two countries’ cordial ties in the last 50 years illustrate the depth of their relations, and further stressed, “We are proud of the rich historical background of our ties with Iran.”

Noting Iran’s rich civilization and history, she pointed out that the two Iranian and Thai nations, relying on the eastern civilization, can play a significant role in forming the world civilization.

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