Ahmadinejad Meets Jewish Rabbis

A0250200.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad met with a delegation of US rabbis here on Thursday.

During the meeting, the president stressed that all the world problems, including the Palestinian issue, could be resolved through peace, dialogue and obedience to the divine teachings, and said that the Zionist regime of Israel is facing a great challenge concerning its survival.

He further called on the big powers to dismantle the Zionist regime in the same way they created it or pave the way for a free and democratic elections in Palestine to determine the ruling system and government of that country through the votes of all the Palestinian nation, including Jews, Christians and Muslims.

Ahmadinejad viewed disloyalty of the Zionists and some western powers to the religious principles as the main reason underlying world problems, conflicts and massacre of human beings, and further reiterated the need for the formation of a single and united front by the followers of all divine faiths to prevent further crimes by the Zionists against humanity and man’s welfare.

Also noting the abundant contradictions in the mottoes and performances of some western countries which allege to be the advocates of human rights and freedom, including the Zionist regime, he said, “While this forged regime has created a great jail for the indigenous population of Palestine, including Muslims, Jews and Christians, in the occupied lands, they claim to respect freedom and human rights.

The Iranian president also pointed to the direct opposition of the teachings of Moses to the attitudes and crimes of the world Zionism, and stated that informed and just people may never believe that Jews condone the crimes of the Zionist regime and its allies in occupied Palestine, including the mass killings of the innocent and oppressed women and children.

For its part, the delegation of the anti-Zionist Jews praised the courageous stances of the Iranian president in opposing the crimes and hegemony of the Zionist regime and stressed the need for the restoration of the oppressed Palestinians’ rights.

The Jewish rabbis, who represent the worldwide movement of Neturei Karta and just took part in the Tehran conference on “the Holocaust, Global Vision”, lauded Ahmadinejad’s friendship with the Jewish community and stressed that the true followers of Judaism condemn the crimes of the Zionist regime of Israel in all parts of the world, including the Palestinian territories.

The rabbis further underscored that formation of the Zionist regime or any Jewish state is in direct contradiction with the teachings of Judaism and is thus, illegal and illegitimate.

They also reminded that the Zionists supported the killing of the Jews at the time of the World War II financially and politically in order to have an alibi for the establishment of a Zionist regime.

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