FM: Aliens Should not Intervene in Lebanon’s Affairs

A02328904.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki Thursday voiced support for the companionship and solidarity of different sects, groups and people in Lebanon, and further underlined that aliens are not allowed to interfere with the domestic affairs of that country.

According to FNA dispatches, Mottaki made the remarks in a meeting with the Kazakh Parliament Speaker in Astana, where the two sides discussed issues of mutual interest and explored avenues for developing parliamentary, political and economic cooperation.
During the meeting, Mottaki elaborated on the grave role of the two countries’ parliaments in the consolidation of mutual ties, and said that the Iranian and Kazakh legislative bodies also play a crucial role in approving the rules and regulations related to the two states’ foreign relations.

Mottaki also conveyed the message of greetings of the Iranian parliament speaker to his Kazakh counterpart and extended Haddad Adel’s invitation to Mohammad Janev to pay an official visit to Iran.

Extending his congratulations on the 15th anniversary of Kazakhstan’s independence, he underlined that formation of parliamentary friendship groups plays a significant role in the expansion of mutual ties.

Briefing the Kazakh speaker about the four committees of the two countries’ joint economic commission, he mentioned that implementation of the results gained in the joint commission can portray a new prospect for the two nations’ relations.

Referring to the latest developments in Afghanistan, Iraq and the Middle-East, the top diplomat viewed the current conditions in the Middle-East as worrying, and emphasized that the results of the Palestinians’ democratic elections must be respected by all countries.

He further voiced support for the congregation and companionship of the different sects, tribes and groups in Lebanon, and stressed that aliens are not allowed to intervene in that country’s internal affairs.

“National will and demand of the Lebanese people must be respected by all,” Mottaki underscored.

For his part, Kazakh parliament speaker voiced pleasure in the two countries’ progressive relations and appreciated the invitation by his Iranian counterpart.

He also said that the two countries’ age-old cultural and ethnic bonds pave the way for the two nations’ excellent ties.

Noting the two countries’ cooperation, the Kazakh speaker stated his country’s strong opposition to unilateralism, and said, “We believe that different conflicts must be resolved through diplomatic means and dialogue.”

He further stressed that all the world countries are entitled to access and use of peaceful civilian nuclear technology, while he also voiced his country’s support for a WMD-free Central Asia.

The chief lawmaker expressed the hope that the two countries would further develop their exchanges, and mentioned that both Iran and Kazakhstan enjoy abundant potentials for cooperation which have remained intact and which must be identified.

Mohammad Janev further reiterated the necessity for the reinvigoration of the existing exchanges of views, and called for the strengthening of consultations.

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