Deputy Head of Judiciary Meets Azeri Ambassador

A01399769.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Deputy head of Iran’s Judiciary met with Azerbaijan’s ambassador to Tehran here on Wednesday.During the meeting, the Iranian official said the two countries’ religious, traditional and geographical commonalities can underpin further development of their relations and cooperation.

He also underlined the insistence of the head of Iran’s Judiciary on expanding ties and cooperating with the world countries, Muslim states in particular.

Hossein-ali Amiri, who also chairs Iran’s real estate registry office, pointed out that registry system underpins the movement of any given judiciary system for bringing struggles towards peace and reconciliation, adding, “Generally speaking, registry system plays a basic role in the economic and social security of all societies and impedes social conflicts and struggles.”

He further described registry as an indispensable part of sustainable development, and said, “If a given country cannot manage its lands and real estate and if it does not have an efficient system of land and real estate management, it will be faced with many problems when it comes to macro-scale management.”

Referring to the legal structure of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Amiri said that among the three powers in Iran’s governing structure, the responsibility for the materialization of judiciary justice has been entrusted to the judiciary power, and added that the real estate registry office is one of the departments of the judiciary system, which plays a fundamental role in the materialization of economic, psychological and social security in the country.

For his part, Azerbaijan’s ambassador to Tehran lauded Iran’s progress and achievements in grounds of registry affairs, and called for the two countries’ cooperation in this area.

“Considering Iran and Azerbaijan’s historical, cultural and religious commonalities, the republic of Azerbaijan attaches significance to the utilization of Iran’s experiences in registry affairs,” he stressed.

The diplomat further pointed out that given Iran’s desirable progress in registry affairs, the development of the two countries’ cooperation in the sphere of registry would be followed by the widening of their relations and cooperation in other areas.

Noting Iran’s successful experience in concentrating all registry affairs in one single body, he expressed the hope that the two countries’ cooperation in this area would lead to a profound development of Azerbaijan’s registry system.

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