Iranians Not Intimidated by Enemies

TEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stressed that Iran is not fearful of the west’s sanctions or other punitive measures, assuring that Iranian youth will be able to satiate the country’s needs and secure its progress.

Addressing a public congregation in the western town of Paveh on Tuesday, the President said all enemies’ efforts are aimed at impeding Iran’s progress, and added, “The western states are not at all afraid of nuclear bombs, as they have nuclear weapons and arsenals galore. Rather, they are fearful of Iran’s progress in science and technology.”

He reminded that while the West strives to encounter Iran in any possible way, including imposition of sanctions and other punitive measures, “they gave the Zionist regime a smile of satisfaction after the Israeli regime made its official nuclear acknowledgment.”

Ahmadinejad reminded that there is just one more step ahead on the path to mastering in the nuclear technology -which he usually describes as conquering the nuclear peaks- and stressed that his nation will stand up to the enemies and urges for the restoration of its rights persistently.

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