Muslim World Weakened by Religious Differences

TEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Turkey’s ambassador to Tehran warned that religious differences today undermine the status of the world of Islam.

Speaking in a meeting with the Secretary-General of the World Assembly of Islamic Sects’ Proximity here on Tuesday, the diplomat further elaborated on the losses and damages discord and religious conflicts have inflicted on Muslims, and said Turkey supports cooperation and joint utilization of possibilities and potentials by Muslim states.

He further pointed to the wrong perceptions of some governments about Islam, and said, “Although the religion of Islam invites all to peace and friendship, unfortunately, we do not observe tranquility and peace in the world today.”

For his part, Mohammad Ali Taskhiri pointed to the two countries’ shared religious, historical and cultural backgrounds, and said, “Today we are witnessing how the enemies are exercising a worldwide plot to sow seeds of discord in the world of Islam in a bid to tear it apart.”

He concurred the remarks of the Turkish ambassador about the power of the Islamic world and Muslims’ need to solidarity and empathy, and further mentioned that enemies of Islam seek to sow seeds of discord among Muslims and prevent Islamic countries’ progress in all areas.

The senior cleric called for the design and practice of a single strategy by the world of Islam to curb and contain such challenges and attempts by the enemies.

He also reminded that enemies have pushed different groups in some countries, specially Iraq, into domestic conflicts, and further reiterated the need for putting off the flames of discord.

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