Tehran to Host ECO Agriculture Meeting

news48.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Third Meeting of Agriculture Ministers of Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) member states will be held here in Tehran from March 5-7.

The Public Relations Office of Agriculture Jihad Ministry quoted Farid Ejlali, deputy minister of agricultural jihad for international affairs and expansion of cooperation with Africa as saying that the ministers will decide on ways of developing the agriculture industry and removing hurdles to the promotion of cooperation among ECO member states.

“Implementation of a plan to establish a drought management and mitigation center, which was proposed by Iran at the First Meeting of ECO Agriculture Ministers, is one of the pivotal issues to be studied at the meeting,” he added.

Decisions, he said, will be also taken on the implementation of approvals of the previous meeting in different fields, including livestock, regional agriculture biotechnology network, genetic reserves protection, cooperation with other international organizations, particularly the Islamic Development Bank, and promotion of food security.

More than 40% of the regional workforce is active in the agriculture sector, which highlights the crucial role of the key sector in the economies of member states, he concluded.

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