Iran Supports Formation of Lebanese National Unity Gov’t

TEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- First Vice President Parviz Davoudi in a meeting with the outgoing Lebanese Ambassador to Tehran Adnan Mansour here on Tuesday stressed Iran’s support for any plan contributing to the establishment of stability, tranquility and unity among the Lebanese groups.

A statement released by the Presidential Press Office said that also during the meeting, Davoudi pointed to the Zionist regime’s efforts to cause instability and discord in Lebanon following its defeat in the 33-day war, and said, “Considering the Zionist regime’s frequent aggressions against Lebanon, the Israelis and their supporters definitely do not favor the prosperity of the Lebanese people, and thus, the Lebanese political groups, influential figures and educated elites should be vigilant in the face of the Zionist regime’s threats.”

He reminded that Iran has always stood by the Lebanese people in days of hardship and that it supports any plan leading to stability, tranquility and strengthening of unity among various groups in Lebanon.

The Iranian first vice president expressed the hope that with a proper study of the plans and proposals, the existing differences among the Lebanese groups would soon be settled down.

Stressing that the Lebanese people should decide their fate, he also hoped that with the speedy establishment of peace and stability, the grounds would be paved for the reconstruction of the damage caused by the Zionist regime’s savage attacks on the country.

The official also voiced Iran’s preparedness to assist the Lebanese people in the reconstruction task.

For his part, the outgoing Lebanese ambassador to Tehran Adnan Mansour briefed Davoudi about the latest developments in his country, saying that talks between different Lebanese groups are currently underway based on Taef agreement which underlines participation and unity of all groups.

He hoped that the participants in the said talks would reach an agreement, which could both secure the benefits of the Lebanese people and be palatable to all groups.

Noting Iran’s fair and honorable stances in the face of different issues, the diplomat appreciated Iran’s generous and humanitarian aids to the Lebanese people during Israelis’ 33-day long offensive.

To conclude his remarks, he underlined the need for the further consolidation of ties between the two countries in all areas.

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