Progress of Iran Angers Enemies

news43.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Addressing a huge congregation of the people in Hendijan, Khuzestan province, Iranian president Ahmadinejad said that the progress of Iran has triggered the wrath and anger of the enemies of our nation.

On the third day of his provincial tour of Khuzestan, the president reiterated the point that the Iranian nation is conquering the peaks of honor and glory one after the other and added that the reason behind the anger and wrath of the enemies of our nation is the progresses achieved by this nation.

President Ahmadinejad further stressed the point that the Islamic society should register such a level of scientific and economic progress that would make the enemies give up the idea of aggression and greed against it.

President Ahmadinejad then stated that the Iranian nation is moving forward and conquers the peaks of glory and honor one after the other and that the Iranian nation’s progress is the reason underlying the wrath of the enemies of this nation, because they have come to realize that a faithful nation has initiated to mightily resist them and that their conspiracies do not work.

Making reference to Iran’s nuclear case and issuance of the UN Security Council Resolution against Iran, president Ahmadinejad reiterated that they are so angry at us that in order to confront Iran they are prepared to further disgrace themselves and even victimize the Security Council and human rights under which pretext they always hide their crimes.

He then stated that relying on the science and knowledge of its youth, the Iranian nation has gained access to peaceful nuclear fuel cycle and that the enemies cannot confront this nation.

Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad further made reference to the dual approach of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) towards the member states and said that such an approach will encourage member states of the IAEA to revise the idea of membership in the Agency.

On the third day of his provincial tour of Khuzestan, also this morning president Ahmadinejad attended the congregation of the people of Shadegan and stated: “The Articles of Association of the NPT and IAEA clearly stipulate that the Agency and nuclear technology-rich countries are obligated to assist other members to gain access to the nuclear fuel cycle and in return other members have been urged to refrain from diverting to nuclear weapons”.

The president than added that unfortunately although our country was one of the first countries to join the Agency, to this date however, no assistance has been extended to our country by the Agency, and that they have even refused to provide us with a single formula or scientific guideline.

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