Iran to Own 2 Drilling Platforms

A02565433.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Iran’s Oriental Oil Kish is due to receive ownership of Fortuna and Orient drilling platforms from the Romanian company GSP, an informed source said here on Saturday.

“The offshore rigs were at the center of long-time debates between the two companies,” The source told FNA, adding that GSP finally conceded them to the Oriental Oil Kish.

He also said that the two platforms are due to be transferred to the National Iranian Oil Company and that NIOC has already made some advance payments in this regard.

According to the source, negotiations are also underway about the purchase of another offshore drilling platform in the near future.

He further pointed out that the two sides have also settled a part of their debts and liabilities within the same agreement.

Following a series of debates and contractual differences with Oriental Oil Kish, the Romanian GSP withdrew Fortuna drilling platform from Iranian waters on August 14. But after the two companies’ debates and differences escalated and before GSP could take it out of the Iranian waters, Oriental Oil Kish confiscated the second drilling platform.

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