Official Rejects Rumors about Iran-US Clash in Persian Gulf

A02351926.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Deputy Governor General of Iran’s southern province of Hormuzgan strongly rejected rumors about eruption of clashes between Iranian and US battleships in the Persian Gulf.

Speaking to FNA, the official viewed the rumor as a part of the enemies’ psychological war on Iran, and added, “Such efforts are made to break the Iranians’ resolve after West’s efforts in the form of the UN Security Council Resolution 1737 to influence Iran’s decision through downgrading public morale failed.”

An informed source in the security department of the Iranian interior ministry also denied such reports as baseless.

The only operation on the coastal provinces in southern Iran in the last two days pertained to a clash between Iran’s Law Enforcement Police and a gang of smugglers in the vicinity of the Persian Gulf port city of Jask.

Since the early hours of Sunday morning, many Iranian subscribers have received an SMS which spoke of a clash between Iranian and American battleships in the Persian Gulf waters.

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