Iran Continues N. Plans

A02582635.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- A senior Iranian nuclear official stressed that his country is continuing its nuclear activities based on pre-specified schedules and that the UN Security Council resolutions would leave no impact on Tehran.

Deputy Head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization (IAEO) Mohammad Sa’eedi further dismissed Western countries’ allegations about Iran’s possible inclination towards the production of nuclear weapons, and stressed, “It is merely the civilian nuclear technology which empowers Iran, and we believe that nuclear weapons make the country vulnerable.”

Asked about Iran’s possible reaction to the bombardment of its nuclear facilities by other countries, he said, “We have worked on every possible option that westerners might have in mind and we are prepared for all types of conditions. Yet, resorting to a measure as such seems rather impossible.”

“Iran’s nuclear issue has not been referred to the United Nations Security Council from a legal view point, rather the UNSC has involved in the issue from a political angle and the legal issues are still pursued within the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA),” Sa’eedi mentioned, and stated, “Making an instrumental use of the Security Council has been the most dishonest measure ever adopted by the US against Iran.”

Yet, the official stressed that his country is firm to continue nuclear progress, saying, “Iran is and will continue its nuclear programs based on pre-specified time-tables and the UNSC resolutions cannot leave any impact on this trend.”

“Monopolizing nuclear fuel production sets their (West’s) policy for the 21st century, but we will break this monopoly,” the Iranian nuclear official reiterated.

Saying that the United Nations is a surrogate of the Untied States he concluded, “It is natural for the UN to take measures against Iran as it is headquartered in New York and receives its budget from the US. But the world is aware of the fact that according to the IAEA stances, reports, rules and regulations, Iran’s measures do not serve a threat to the international community.”

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