Muslims Proud of Iran’s Defensive Power

TEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Visiting Sudanese Defense Minister Field Marshal Abdel Rahim Mohammed Hussein stressed that Iran’s defensive power and progress is a source of pride and glory for the world Muslim states.

Speaking in a joint press conference with his Iranian counterpart after signing a cooperation agreement here on Wednesday, the Sudanese General voiced pleasure in his visit to the Islamic Republic, and further said that the trip was aimed at consolidation and development of mutual ties between the two countries.

He also said that the two sides have decided to boost their cooperation in the field of defense.

The minister further stated that briefing Iranian officials about the latest developments in the region, specially the issue of Darfur, and voicing Sudan’s solidarity and strong support for Iran’s nuclear efforts comprised other reasons underlying his visit to Tehran.

“We feel respect for Iran’s efforts to enhance solidarity and unity of Muslim nations,” he mentioned.

Referring to the domestic developments of his country, Mohammed Hussein said, “The conditions in Sudan, specially in southern parts, are growing better. Last year, of course, we signed an agreement about Darfur to specify the assignments and responsibilities of Sudan, the African Union and other players, which was signed by 13 different actors, including the US, EU, Britain and AU.”

He stressed his country’s opposition to the deployment of international troops in Sudan, and warned, “This could bring about a situation similar to what exists in Iraq and Afghanistan today.”

Asked about the West’s insistence on deploying military troops in Sudan, the General reiterated Khartoum’s strong opposition to the measure, and added, “We may only use their logistical support and advisors.”

Elsewhere, he praised Iran’s military and defensive potentials and capabilities, and continued, “I witnessed use of hi-tech in defensive fields in Iran during my visits to different military centers and I am truly glad to see that an Islamic country possesses such a huge power and advanced industrial capability.”

The official further stressed Sudan’s use of Iranian industries, and concluded, “I have come to Iran to develop these relations and cooperation.”

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