President Meets Sudanese Defense Minister

A023289011.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad met with Sudanese Defense Minister Field Marshal Abdel Rahim Mohammed Hussein here on Thursday.

During the meeting, the Iranian president said that efforts made by the world powers to deploy alien troops in Sudan serve the colonial goals of such powers and are aimed at undermining independence of that country.

Also noting that the various plots hatched by the US and some other western states against independent governments, particularly Islamic countries, are all aimed at dominating and grabbing the interests of the nations, he stressed that independent governments, including that of Sudan, should defuse the plots of the bullying powers through resistance and increased public vigilance.

Ahmadinejad further pointed out that efforts made by enemies to sow seeds of discord among Muslim Shiites and Sunnites serve the interests of the arrogant powers and Zionist regime, and continued, “Bullying powers have sought to divide powerful Islamic countries through the establishment of a Zionist state and occupation of Muslim states, but Islamic nations should defuse their plots through maintaining solidarity and vigilance.”

He also reiterated that deployment of foreign troops in Sudan pursues materialization of the colonialist goals of the big powers, and reminded that security and stability of that country can be established by the Sudanese people and African peace-keeping troops.

The president also stated that Muslim and independent countries can support and protect each other in various arenas, given their abundant resources and potentials, and further voiced Iran’s preparedness to transfer its valuable achievements and experiences in different grounds to independent and Islamic states, including African countries.

Also pointing to the two countries’ cultural and political commonalities regarding various regional and international issues, he stated Iran’s willingness for the expansion of economic and trade ties with Sudan, and called for an increase in the two states’ exchanges, considering the abundant intact potentials available.

For his part, Sudanese defense minister briefed the Iranian president about the latest developments in Sudan, specially in Darfur, and noting the efforts made by some bullying powers to increase insecurities and mass killings in that country, he said that the Sudanese government is seeking to establish peace and sustainable security in Darful and prevent massacre of the people.

He also stressed that the two countries’ ties in different grounds should develop to parallel with their excellent political relations, and called for the transfer of Iran’s achievements in various areas, including energy, oil and gas, development, industries, medicine and medication and treatment to his country.

General Mohammed Hussein also extended an official invitation from his president to Ahmadinejad to pay a visit to that country.

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