Tehran’s Fajr Theater Fest Has Int’l Potential

A02328909.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- A writer and instructor on theater has said that Fajr International Theater Festival has the necessary potential to turn into a full-fledged international event.

According to the News Headquarter of the 25th Fajr International Theater Festival, Majid Sarsangi added, “If Fajr International Theater Festival purses specific goals, it will be able to develop and grow, despite all the limitations.”

Stressing the need for further attention to research in holding Fajr Theater Festival, he said, “After a lapse of 25 years since the start of the cultural and artistic event, expert works in the field are yet to be undertaken.”

Sarsangi further stated that the event has not been viewed from an expert perspective during its life span and now it is time to determine its general objectives.

Describing lack of stability in management as one of the problems facing the festival, he said that changes in management leads to the destruction of experiences and even sometimes repetition of past experiences.

The same source also said that the sale of extra tickets created problems for the audience during the festival, which ended on Tuesday. The audience also faced shortage of space in some halls.

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