Ahmadinejad, Musharraf Discuss World Issues

A023289023.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in a phone talk with his Pakistani counterpart Pervez Musharraf discussed the latest developments of the world.

During the phone conversation, Ahmadinejad stressed that Palestine is the most complex and the most important issue in the contemporary history of the world, the world of Islam and the region.

He further called on the Muslims and Islamic states to voice support for the independent and popular Palestinian government and pave the ground for the restoration of the Palestinians’ rights and establishment of a just peace in the Middle-East region through unity, solidarity and vigilance.

Stating that the solution of the Palestinian issue requires consultation and intelligent efforts of Muslim officials, the president voiced Iran’s support for any attempt, specially by the Muslim countries, to establish a just peace in Palestine and the Middle-East.

He also pointed to the US-inspired measures taken by some European states regarding the Palestinian issue, which he said have often ended in the Europeans’ regret, and stressed, “European countries can play an effective role in the settlement of the Palestinian issue if only they adopt their policies independent of the United States and in coordination with the regional nations.”

Also during the phone talk, which took place on the initiative of the Pakistani president, Musharraf voiced concern over the situation in the Middle-East and Palestine, and called on the Muslim states to enhance their efforts and exchange of views in a bid to help solve the Palestinian issue as the most important problem of the world of Islam.

He further noted his periodic visit to the regional countries for finding a solution to the Palestinian issue, and said that the potentials of the European countries must be used in resolving the Palestinian issue.

The two presidents also reiterated the need for the development of bilateral ties for the purpose of playing a more influential role in regional and international issues.

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