Envoy Terms West’s Sanctions on Iran a Futile Measure

A023289029.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Iranian Ambassador to Thailand Mohsen Pak-Ayeen said in Bangkok on Saturday that sanctions imposed on Iran by a UN Security Council resolution will bear no fruit.

“Iran’s nuclear know how is intrinsic. The country’s youth have discovered the technology. Western sanctions will therefore have no effect on the country,” he told Thai television.

“Iran has repeatedly expressed willingness to build confidence in the international community on its nuclear activities and has adopted confidence-building measures in the past.

“Western states should not use Iran’s confidence-building measures as a pretext to prevent it from accessing nuclear technology,” he said.

Moreover, he said he believes the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) should be the appropriate venue to patch up differences on Iran’s peaceful nuclear activities.

“Iran’s nuclear case should be resolved outside the Security Council and within the framework of IAEA regulations,” Pak-Ayeen said.

The envoy urged negotiations as the only means to solve the nuclear standoff.

“Sanctions should not be imposed on nuclear know how. We have repeatedly assured that our efforts to access civilian nuclear technology are for peaceful purposes,” he said.

Criticizing the practice of double standards on Iran’s peaceful nuclear activities and plans, he asked why the Zionist regime’s atomic facilities were not subjected to inspection.

“Why does the US veto all resolutions against the Zionist regime?,” he further asked.

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