Iran, Syria’s Constructive Role in Iraq Undeniable

A00234354.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Syria’s visiting Foreign Minister Walid Mualem stressed that no one can deny the positive and constructive role Tehran and Damascus play in the restoration of security and stability in Iraq.

Speaking in a joint press conference with his Iranian counterpart Manouchehr Mottaki here on Monday, he expressed surprise at Washington’s insistence on continuing its failed policies in Iraq.

Mualem further reminded that Iran and Syria’s shared borders with Iraq is an undeniable geographical fact, and stressed that the constructive role of these two countries in assisting Iraq to restore security and stability is undeniable.

He described those who have come to Iraq from remote continents as intruders of Iraq’s domestic affairs, and viewed Bush’s new Iraq strategy as wrong.

The Syrian top diplomat stressed the fact that the Untied States’ policy for increasing the number of its troops deployed in Iraq neither serves the interests of regional countries or the United States nor is beneficial to Iraq’s stability, and expressed the hope that Washington corrects its mistake.

He also reiterated that Iraq’s issue can merely be resolved by the Iraqis themselves and through emphasis on the territorial and national integrity of Iraq, and noting the Arab and Islamic identity of that country, he stressed the need for safeguarding independence and sanctity of Iraq.

Mualem also termed any kind of ethnic, racial and religious conflicts in Iraq unacceptable, and called for the arrangement of a comprehensive conference on national reconciliation in Iraq, dissolution of militia and terrorist groups and revision and reinvigoration of the structure of the Iraqi army on the basis of that country’s national interests.

He also called for the withdrawal of foreign troops from Iraq based on a specific time-table.

Elsewhere, the Syrian foreign minister strongly rejected the alleged secret talks between Damascus and Tel Aviv, stressing that his country will never attend behind-the-scene negotiations with any other state.

“There is not a strong government in Israel with sufficient courage for peace,” Mualem stressed.

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