Germany Recognizes Iran’s Right to Use N. Energy

A02614394.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Chairman of the German parliament’s Green Party Fraction here on Tuesday stressed Iran’s right to use civilian nuclear technology, and underlined the need for solving Iran’s nuclear issue through talks.

The German MP made the remarks in a meeting with a group of his Iranian colleagues who represent Iranian religious minorities in the Islamic Consultative Assembly, including representatives of the Jewish, Assyrian and Kaldanite, Zoroastrian, and Armenian communities in Iran.

During the meeting, the Iranian lawmakers noted the two countries’ historical and cultural commonalities, and pointing to Germany’s present standing in the European Union and Iran’s constructive role in the Persian Gulf and the Middle-East regions, they described the current conditions as special for both states, which they said require Iran and Germany to enhance their interactions and relations.

Stressing the need for the promotion of parliamentary ties between the two countries, the Iranian parliament members called on Germany to adopt better stances in the face of Iran’s nuclear rights, given the growing ties between the two states in the field of economy.

They further underscored that Iranian Muslims and religious minorities enjoy equal rights, including their fair and equal chances for gaining scientific achievements and positions, general laws, and equal ransom money, and called on the international bodies and circles to refrain from expressing prejudiced views about the religious minorities in Iran, when issuing statements.

“Representatives of such bodies and circles are recommended to take a trip to Iran and visit those areas resided by the religious minorities so that they can witness in person the positive measures the Islamic Republic has adopted for their welfare,” the deputies added.

They also voiced surprise at witnessing Germany and EU’s companionship with the regional policies of the US President, George W. Bush, and said, “While the result of the recent midterm legislative elections showed that Americans have taken back a large part of the authorities they had entrusted to Bush, Germany and EU states are still accompanying Bush, unfortunately.”

For his part, chairman of the German Parliament’s Green Party fraction, Fritz Cohen voiced satisfaction at Iran’s respect and observation of religious minorities’ rights, and said, “We do not at all deny Iran’s right to use civilian nuclear technology, and we believe that negotiation is the only proper way to reach a mutual understanding in this regard.”

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