Israel Seeks to Fuel Ethnic War in Muslim World

A02614396.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Iran’s Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates Hamid Reza Asefi warned that the Zionist regime of Israel is seeking to sow discord and foment ethnic war among Muslims, and called on Muslim clerics to inform nations of Tel Aviv’s crafty plot.

Asefi made the remarks in a meeting with UAE’s Foreign Minister Abdallah bin Zayid al-Nuhayyan on Tuesday, where the two sides discussed bilateral ties and exchanged views about regional conditions and the results of bind Zayid’s recent visit to Tehran.

Also during the meeting, Asefi submitted his credentials to the UAE foreign minister, and reiterated that expansion of relations with the neighboring and Muslim states, the UAE in particular, sets a priority in the Islamic Republic’s foreign policy.

“Iran believes that peace and security can be restored in the Persian Gulf region only in light of cooperation and companionship of regional countries,” he mentioned.

The Iranian envoy also noted the efforts made by the enemies of Islam, specially Israel, to spark religious differences and discord between the Muslim Shiites and Sunnites, and said, “The Zionist regime of Israel is seeking to sow discord and foment ethnic war among Muslims through its crafty plots, and we are required to strive to cooperate with one another to fight against this plot through making a proper use of the outstanding role of Islamic clerics and scholars to inform nations.”

“The United States has failed in providing the region and Iraq with security and increased massacres and violence in Iraq has been the only result gifted by (US Secretary of State) Ms. Rice’s visit to the region,” he added.

UAE Foreign Minister Abdallah bin Zayid al-Nuhayyan, for his part, voiced pleasure in his visit to Tehran, and stressed that his country attaches special significance to its relations with Iran, saying that expansion of the two countries’ ties contributes to the strengthening of regional stability.

He further voiced his country’s serious concern about the conditions dominating the region, specially in relation to the Iraqi crisis, and reiterated that Iran’s active presence and role in current developments would guarantee establishment of peace and stability in the region.

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