Strike Called off in Lebanon due to Clashes

A02614398.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- The nationwide strikes in Lebanon were called off after a series of clashes erupted as a result of government’s increased pressures on army to confront strikers, an informed source said on Wednesday.

Speaking to FNA about the sudden stop of Lebanon’s nationwide strikes which continued till late last night, the source said that the strike was called off after government exerted much pressure on the army to clash with the strikers.

Meantime, sources said that the sit-in still continues in front of the Prime Minister’s Palace.

The coordination committee of the opponents of the Lebanese government announced that they stop the countrywide strikes in a bid to attain their goals.

The Lebanese army also announced that it cannot open fire on the people since the proponents of the al-Mostaqbal party and members of the 14 March coalition have entered clashes.

The Lebanese army called on the opposition leaders to halt clashes today.

The sources stressed that despite the last night remarks of the Lebanese Prime Minister, which indicated his implied concern and backtrack from some of his stances, Fuad Siniora is unlikely to resign his post.

Sources privy to the opposition viewed Siniora’s visit to France on Wednesday to attend the Paris Conference 3 as important, and said there is a good possibility for the intensification of protests and resumption of civil strikes after Siniora’s trip to Paris as many embankments have been left on the streets and many more can still be set up within a few minutes.

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