Ahmadinejad Meets Russian National Security Official

A00150996.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad met with Russia’s National Security Council Secretary Igor Ivanov here on Sunday.

During the meeting, the president reminded the abundant commonalities shared by the two neighboring states, specially in such grounds as international security, energy and cooperation in regional security, and mentioned that the two countries’ national interests are interrelated.

“Meantime, some trans-regional powers do not want these two countries play their significant role as two big powers for the establishment of regional and international stability and security, and this indicates the importance of cooperation and exchange of views by Tehran and Moscow,” he said.

Ahmadinejad further pointed to the two countries’ desirable ties and cooperation in various areas, and expressed the hope that frequent exchange of visits and views by the two countries’ high-ranking officials would accelerate the developing trend of Iran-Russia relations in various economic, political and cultural spheres.

Stressing that the solution of complicated problems and issues of the Middle-East region requires far-sight and all-out plans based on respect for human rights, he continued, “The United States today is unable to comprehend the reality of the issue of Iraq and it has been defeated in that country in such a way that it can’t turn the failure into a victory even through dispatching thousands of more troops to Iraq.”

“In case Mr. Bush adopts more fledgling measures, the US will go deeper in this quagmire and the conditions will not improve for Washington,” Ahmadinejad added.

The head of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council also stressed that deepening of Iran-Russia desirable cooperation on various issues could help to the accelerated settlement of regional problems, including Iraq, Afghanistan and the Middle-East.

Noting the nuclear issue, the president stated that the Islamic Republic has always spoken from a rational stand with regard to its nuclear case while it is always prepared to attend prerequisite-free talks, and continued, “But the improper performance of the three European countries in the past years has not only put to waste many opportunities, but also built a feeling of distrust in the Iranian nation and government.”

“If talks on Iran’s nuclear issue are aimed at imposing unjust conditions on Iran and depriving the Iranian nation of its inalienable rights, then such negotiations are not acceptable to us at all,” he reminded, adding, “Today, all Iranians across the world are demanding access and use of peaceful nuclear technology and the great Iranian nation is standing up in the middle of the scene united and vigilant to safeguard the political independence of the country.”

For his part, Secretary of Russian National Security Council Igor Ivanov viewed development of the two countries’ ties in all sectors as significant, and further reminded the desirable Iran-Russia cooperation in important global issues, including campaign against terrorism and drug trafficking.

“The two states share many identical stances and common interests insofar as many world issues are concerned,” he pointed out.

Ivanov also noted Iran’s remarkable growth and progress in different sectors, and called for the increasing expansion of his country’s ties with Iran on the basis of mutual interests.

He expressed the hope that the plans and agreements endorsed in the two countries’ joint economic commission, including the launch of operation of Bushehr nuclear power plant, would be put into effect at due time.

The Russian national security official further pointed to the importance of the nuclear issue for the Iranian nation and also the efforts made by some powers to complicate the story, and stated, “Russia believes that Iran’s nuclear issue would be solved through negotiation, and it is prepared to render cooperation for finding a political solution and studying different proposals to reach a common viewpoint palatable to all parties.”

He also condemned the Untied States’ plans for making the world unipolar, and said, “US intervention in Iraq’s affairs which, unfortunately, still continues sets an example of its defeats and failures.”

Ivanov also stressed the point that influential and important countries of the region, including Iran and Russia, should cooperate and take the necessary measures and arrangements to prevent any further continuation of tension and pave the ground for the establishment of security and stability in the region.”

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