Turkey Attaches Special Value to Relations with Iran

A00150992.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Ankara’s ambassador to Tehran said in a meeting with the chairman of the Iranian parliament’s National Security Committee Mahmoud Mohammadi here on Sunday that Iran has a special stand in Turkey’s foreign policy.

During the meeting, Mohammadi noted the two countries’ historical bonds and common interests in the region and the world of Islam, and called for an appropriate use of the abundant cooperation grounds available on both sides.

He further reminded the historical efforts made by the common enemies of Iran and Turkey for affecting the two countries’ cordial relations, and stressed, “We should not allow enemies of Iran and Turkey to misuse different issues to impair the brotherly ties existing between the two nations.”

The lawmaker said that the political history of the region reveals that enemies of the two nations and Islam have hatched and practiced lots of plots to undermine Iran-Turkey relations.

Elsewhere, he pointed to the recent efforts made by the enemies of Islam in the region to sow discord and foment conflict among Muslims, and called on Iran and Turkey, as two big powers in the region and in the world of Islam, to play an effective role for safeguarding stability and unity of the Muslim world.

Referring to the two countries’ bilateral and regional cooperation, particularly in economic, political and security grounds, the legislative official urged both sides to enhance efforts to consolidate the two states’ friendly ties.

For his part, Turkey’s ambassador to Iran Turk Oghlou pointed to the two countries’ extensive cooperation and friendly relations, and reminded that Iran-Turkey cordial ties are a matter not of bilateral but of regional significance.

“As two big powers in the region, Iran and Turkey should play their part in relation to the nations of the region and the world of Islam,” the diplomat reminded.

He also underlined the vital importance of the two countries’ regional cooperation and exchanges of views for maintaining regional security and stability.

The envoy further pointed to the resolve of the two countries’ political leaders to develop and consolidate mutual ties in all areas, and assured that the relations of the two nations with other countries would not leave any negative impact on the friendly ties of Iran and Turkey.

“Such relations would even contribute to the consolidation of Tehran-Ankara ties,” he stressed, reminding that Iran has a special stand in Turkey’s foreign policy.

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