Mottaki to Attend Ministerial Summit of Iraq’s Neighbors

A0258202.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari extended an invitation to his Iranian counterpart Manouchehr Mottaki on Wednesday to attend a ministerial summit of Iraq’s neighboring states in Baghdad.

In his message, Zebari has pointed to the results gained during the previous foreign ministerial summits of Iraq’s neighboring states in the last four years, and stressed, “Iraq welcomes Iran’s proposal for holding a ministerial summit of its neighbors in Baghdad and thus, it extends an invitation to Mr. Mottaki to attend the tenth summit of the foreign ministers of Iraq’s neighboring states in Baghdad.”

Also in the message, Zebari has expressed the hope that Iranian foreign minister would attend the meeting at the head of a high ranking delegation.

The Iranian top diplomat, for his part, accepted the invitation and expressed hope that all Iraqi neighbors cooperate with each other to assist the Iraqi nation and government with the establishment of security and stability in that country.

The proposal for the holding of the tenth foreign ministerial summit of Iraq’s neighbors was raised by Iran’s Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki during a meeting with his Syrian counterpart.

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