Palestinian official calls on U.S. to change its stance

Ghazi Hamad, spokesman for the Palestinian interim Hamas-led government, called on U.S. Saturday to change its stance towards the forthcoming national unity government. “We hope the U.S. attitude will change and become more reasonable especially as the Palestinian people decided to unify under political program and the shape of the new government,” Hamad said.

“America has tried sanctions and siege on the Palestinian people,” Hamad added.

Meanwhile, Fatah lawmaker Mohammed Dahlan urged the international community to support the upcoming coalition government and deal with it as the government that represents all Palestinian powers.

The Hamas-led government had resigned on Thursday, paving the way for coalition with rival Fatah and other factions according to the deal brokered in Mecca, Saudi Arabia last week. Prime Minister Ismail Haneya of Hamas will keep his post to lead the new government.

U.S. still insists the new government accept the Quartet demands, namely recognizing Israel, renouncing violence and accepting previously reached peace deals. But Hamas only gave vague promise to “respect” those deals.

U.S. and the West have labeled Hamas as a terrorist organization and have imposed sanctions on the Hamas-led government since Hamas took office last March.

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