Syria denies moving troops toward Israel

Syria denied a published report that it is building up its troops along the Israeli border.Israeli Radio reported that Syrian Parliament member Mohammed Habash told Al Arabiya television that the country has not changed its troops along the border, denying a report from the Haaretz news service.
“Syria is fully prepared for any situation (that may develop),” Habash also said on Al Arabiya. He said that should “Israel decide to do something stupid, it would pay a heavy price.”
Asked about reports that Iran is funding Syria’s military, Habash said on Al Arabiya, “Cooperation between Damascus and Tehran is no secret, as both are being faced with a direct threat,” Haaratz reported.
Haartez said that Syria has been beefing up its military in Syria and that appears to have moved troops closer to the Israeli border on the Golan Heights.

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