Iranian president vows to support Sudan in facing “Western pressures”

Visiting Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad promised Thursday in Khartoum that his country would stand on the side of Sudan in the latter’s confrontation with what he called the “Western pressures”. Ahmadinejad voiced the support at a joint press conference with his Sudanese counterpart Omer al-Bashir at the end of his two-day visit to Sudan.

He told the reporters that “we denounce the schemes and hostilities against the Sudanese people and the Sudanese government.”

“When we see that Sudan is standing firmly in the face of the schemes of its enemies, we support this firmness and stand on the side of Sudan,” said the Iranian president.

Ahmadinejad revealed that during his visit in Sudan, the two countries signed seven accords covering the fields of science, culture, trade, investment and economy.

He, meanwhile, reiterated his country’s legitimate right of using the nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, saying that the Iranian government would never yield to the pressures aiming at forcing Tehran to abandon its nuclear projects.

The Iranian president also underlined Iran’s support for the right of the Palestinian people to establish an independent state, and the efforts of the Iraqi people to achieve security and stability and to maintain their country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

President al-Bashir, on his part, also voiced Sudan’s identity of view points with Iran on regional and international issues, saying that the two countries agreed to work together in order to thwart any scheme of arousing disturbance in the Islamic world.

Ahmadinejad arrived in Khartoum on Wednesday for a two-day visit, the first of its kind since he took office in August 2005. Al-Bashir had paid a three-day visit to Iran in April 2006.

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