Iran Calls for Establishment of Advisory Body for Muslim States

Visiting Iranian Judiciary Chief Ayatollah Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi called for the formation of an advisory assembly by the judiciaries of the Islamic states to pave the ground for the establishment of an international tribunal with the needed judicial and legal authorities.Speaking during a meeting with his Malaysian counterpart in Putrajaya on Monday, he said, “Such an assembly and tribunal can solve a major part of the problems of the Muslims and even the western countries, while it can also deal with Islamic (definition and terms of) human rights and challenges of the western world.”

“We can clarify Islamic human rights and provide a proper response for the allegations and accusations levied by the West against us,” he continued.

The Iranian top judiciary official also stated that he had already raised the issue in his meetings with different officials of Muslim countries, who have, he said, approved of the proposal.

“A secretariat has also been established in Iran to pursue the issue,” he added.

Pointing to the possible overlaps between the said body and such international courts and tribunals as The Hague International Court of Justice, Shahroudi stressed that demarcation disputes are of secondary importance and follow the establishment of the said advisory assembly.

Elsewhere, the senior official briefed his Malaysian counterpart about the authorities of the three branches of power in Iran, adding that Settlement Councils in Iran handle some 5 million cases each year, 50% of which are dismissed after the parties reconcile.

Settlement Councils deal with cases of dispute, quarrel and the like, trying to settle them before they are sent to the court.

“We believe that Settlement Councils can set a desirable paradigm for solving disputes and cases in the Muslim world,” head of Iran’s judiciary concluded.

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