Iran Capable Enough to Solve Chad-Sudan Crisis

Chadian Foreign Minister Ahmad Allam-mi said that his country counts on Tehran’s mediatory power to resolve the N’djamena-Khartoum crisis, given Iran’s special ties with Chad and Sudan. Speaking in a joint press conference with his Iranian counterpart Manouchehr Mottaki here in Tehran on Monday, Allam-mi stressed that his country needs the assistance of all friendly and brotherly states to help resolve its problems with some neighbors like Sudan.

“Chad has no animosity with the Sudanese people, rather it is the victim of a humanitarian and security crisis at its borders,” he continued.

Pointing to his country’s thousands of kilometers of shared borders with Sudan, Allam-mi reminded Chad’s current problems, including 300 thousand war refugees who have poured into that country in addition to over 200 thousand displaced Chadian nationals who have been obliged to leave their homes, and expressed the hope that hostilities would end as soon as possible.

Asked about Iran’s role in resolving Chad’s crisis with Sudan, he said, “The Islamic Republic of Iran enjoys excellent ties with both Chad and Sudan, which could facilitate settlement of the crisis and help bring the two states’ stances closer to one another.”

“We count on Iran’s capability to soothe the crisis,” Chad’s foreign minister reiterated.

He also said that Libya and the Arab League have already adopted some useful measures in this regard.

Elsewhere, Allam-mi said that his friendly and business trip to Iran aims to activate the two countries’ cooperation in all areas, and further underlined the need for the preservation and promotion of bonds, friendly ties and cooperation among the countries of the South in order for them to encounter the different challenges facing them.

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