Ahmadinejad: Demise of Israel Imminent

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in a meeting with Director of the Political Office of Palestine’s Hamas Group Khaled Mashal here in Tehran on Tuesday, stressed that the Zionist regime of Israel is in its worst conditions ever and about to face its imminent demise. A statement released by the Presidential Press Office said that also during the meeting, Ahmadinejad said the time for the materialization of God’s promises is close, adding that God-gifted triumph which is the result of the resistance and faith of the oppressed Palestinian nation will soon manifest.

“Palestinian people will vigilantly pave the way for the freedom of the holy Qods from the yoke of the devilish Zionist regime through supporting their own elected government,” he continued.

The president viewed as vitally important the duty of the Palestinian government and Hamas movement in preventing domestic conflicts, and mentioned, “As the vigilance of the Palestinian movements caused the failure of recent plots hatched by the enemies of the Palestinian people, Palestinian groups should preserve their unity and the essence of the Palestinian nation’s aspirational movement and continue their resistance and trust in God to lay the grounds for the withdrawal of the Zionist occupiers from the sacred land of Palestine and keep on doing these until even a span of the Palestinian territories is not under occupation.”

“The closer we come to our ultimate goal, the more cumbersome the tasks grow,” he said, adding that there are great expectations from the popular Palestinian government.

“This government should make use of noble, clean, brave and faithful forces in a bid to continue resisting the Zionist regime and administering the domestic affairs of Palestine despite all the problems that the Zionists place in the way of that government,” Ahmadinejad pointed out.

For his part, Director of the Political Office of the Palestinian Hamas Group Khaled Mashal briefed Ahmadinejad about the latest conditions in the occupied territories and the problems created for Hamas movement after its victory in the last year elections.

“The Zionist regime and the United States placed a tight and all-out siege on Palestine, launched a propaganda war against Hamas and improvised frequent plots to topple the popular government of Palestine, but all these plots ended in failure due to the resistance of the Palestinians,” he said.

Khaled Mashal reiterated his movement’s principled and irreversible stances on defending the rights of the oppressed Palestinian people and abstaining from recognizing the occupying regime of the Zionists.

“Besides reorganizing resistance, Hamas is striving to materialize the ideals of the Palestinian people through establishing a mighty and authoritative government,” he concluded.

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