Venezuela Highlights Iranians’ Peaceful Nature

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro Moros underlined Iran’s right to access civilian nuclear technology, stressing that the Iranian nation seeks peace. Speaking in a joint press conference with his Iranian counterpart Manouchehr Mottaki here in Tehran on Tuesday, Maduro Moros voiced his country’s solidarity with Iran in the latter’s campaign for the restoration of its inalienable nuclear rights, reiterating that Tehran merely seeks to make a peaceful use of the nuclear energy.

He noted the use of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs) by the US against other countries, and said, “The Iranian nation seeks peace and it is entitled to the production of the required levels of civilian nuclear energy to drive its development process.”

The official also noted the two countries’ shared views about building a multi-polar world, and mentioned, “As we move ahead along this road, we defend peace and nations’ authority and mightiness when dealing with international policies.”

Elsewhere, the Venezuelan official voiced pleasure in his visit to Tehran, and noting the two countries’ joint economic commission, he said, “Tehran and Caracas can state that they have established exemplary ties in the last 6 years.”

Viewing the relations between the two nations, governments and leaders as friendly and brotherly, he mentioned that mutual ties between Tehran and Caracas illustrate freedom-seeking of the nations of the South, and display the fact that different countries can seek and attain peace and tranquility through coordination and solidarity.

He pointed to the two countries’ 4th joint economic commission meeting, and saying that Iran-Venezuela ties have grown into special relations, he mentioned that the two states’ ties can still experience further progress.

The Venezuelan official expressed the hope that the two countries’ 4th joint economic commission meeting would play an effective and useful role within the framework of the two states’ friendly cooperation in future.

Referring to the two states’ joint project for the manufacture of tractor in Venezuela, Maduro Moros said that the venture is of crucial significance for the forlorn farmers of Venezuela and the Indian population of the region.

He also hoped that new horizons of development could be opened to take the Latin America to desirable conditions, considering the brotherhood and trustworthiness of Latino nations, governments and leaders.

Maduro Moros described Latin America and the Caribbean as a peaceful and freedom-seeking region, reminding that the Latinos have always rejected imperialism.

He further termed the Bush administration as the worst government the United States of America has ever had.

“Bush is a criminal who invited the world nations to violence,” the Venezuelan top diplomat underscored.

Asked about the goals pursued by the visit to Latin America by the US president and if Bush is worried about expansion of Iran-Latin America cooperation, he said, “You will soon witness that thousands of workers, students and ordinary people will pour to the streets to condemn the trip and this criminal person who invites the world nations to violence.”

“Within the next few hours, you will witness the spirit of patriotism of the Caribbean and Latino nations who are seeking to safeguard peace,” he continued.

Maduro Moros reiterated his country’s continued ties with Iran, and concluded, “Iran and Venezuela can move their joint projects and plans ahead through assisting each other.”

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