British Council Apologizes to Iran

A0151304.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- The British Council on Friday apologized formally to the Iranians over the faulty use of the term Arabian Gulf instead of the universally recognized Persian Gulf.

The council, the cultural arm to the British Foreign Office in its political missions, used the false title in a newly published book which it released for educational purposes, a Press TV report said.

The event occasioned many protests from Iranian officials and citizens at home and abroad.

Although the organization’s spokesman claimed, during a phone call to a branch of the Islamic Republic News Agency in London, that the council has corrected the false title in its online editions of the book, a simple internet search revealed that it only omitted the false Arabian Gulf title without bringing the original name in its stead.

A search of the council’s official website for documents containing the word Persian Gulf, returns only three documents containing the correct name.

Last week Iran’s Embassy in London protested, issuing a statement, against the use of the term and called on the council to correct what has been wrongly done.

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