Iran Calls for Increased Judicial Exchanges among Muslims

Head of Iran’s Judiciary Ayatollah Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi stressed the need for enhanced judicial cooperation and exchanges among Islamic countries. Addressing a meeting of the judiciary’s senior officials here in Tehran on Monday, Shahroudi referred to the positive results of his recent visit to Malaysia and Indonesia in connection with the arrangement of a tripartite legal and judicial meeting to be attended by the three Muslim states, and said that formation of joint legal and judicial committees among Islamic countries could be perceived as a proper response to the unfounded and unreal propaganda launched by the enemies against the world of Islam.

He reiterated the need for the expansion of legal and judicial exchanges among Islamic states, and said that adoption of such a measure, particularly in areas of human rights, can help to the solution of the issues of the world of Islam and Islamic governments while it can also serve as a response to the negative propaganda, plots and uncertainties raised by enemies against Muslims.

The official also voiced Iran’s preparedness to render cooperation to the Muslim countries in the said regard.

Pointing to the willingness of the Malaysian and Indonesian officials for expanding ties with Iran, he said that judicial cooperation between Iran and the said two countries can set a proper paradigm and example for the expansion of judicial cooperation among other Islamic countries and serve as a prelude to the establishment of judicial councils in the said states.

Shahroudi also called on the Iranian officials to make use of the experiences of the developed Muslim states in the grounds of economic prosperity.

He further added that he had briefed Malaysian and Indonesian officials about Iran’s successful experience in forming and using the dispute arbitration and settlement councils and that the officials of the said two countries voiced pleasure in utilizing the same paradigm.

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