Iran Ready to Cooperate with EU in Establishing Peace

A01748634.jpgIranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad voiced Tehran’s preparedness to cooperate with European countries to establish peace, justice and human affinity.

Addressing a meeting of the Islamic Republic’s ambassadors and heads of Iran’s representative offices in west European countries, Ahmadinejad noted the enthusiasm of other nations for the message of the Iranian people, which he said is based on justice and spirituality.

He said expansion of cordial ties with all the world nations and countries sets a definite principle in Iran’s foreign policy, and called on the envoys to practice an active diplomacy to help materialize the goals pursued by Iran’s foreign policy.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran studies and strives to resolve important global issues in a bid to materialize welfare and progress for all nations,” the Iranian president underlined.

He stressed the need for the envoys to acquire a proper and precise knowledge of the conditions and various potentials and capabilities of the places to which they have been dispatched on a mission in an effort to enhance Iran’s ties with those countries in all areas.

“Iranian ambassadors should establish good relations with different groups in the countries of their mission, specially academicians, elites and traders, so as to lay the required grounds for increased interaction and expansion of Iran’s ties with the different countries,” Ahmadinejad said.

Prior to the president’s remarks, a number of the Iranian ambassadors to west European countries presented their plans and view points about the expansion of Iran’s ties with European states based on mutual interests.

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