US Republicans Undergoing Internal Reforms

The United States lacks the needed potentials and capabilities to take more military actions and engineer the international system, a strategy expert said here on Monday, adding that the US republicans are casting skin. Speaking to FNA, Reza Seraj said that following their victory in 2000 elections, the US neoconservatives strove to bring the international community under their influence through introducing a US-type globalization, engineering a hegemonic order, imposing their superiority over the world and establishing fundamental changes in such strategic regions of the world as the Middle-East.

“But failure of the US strategy in the Middle-East, expansion of Islamic vigilance in the region, and the defeat of the Zionist regime of Israel after its 33-day war against the Lebanese Islamic Resistance have resulted in vital consequences,” he continued.

“Losing the initiative and its strong influence over the international community were only two of the grave consequences the US had to suffer while its policies came under the influence of the international developments, specially those in the Middle-East,” he said, adding, “and as a result a new approach has emerged in the US, which is based on a new type of dialogue and discourse.”

“The third consequence, which is the emergence of an anti-war approach that favors negotiation and interaction with the target states, is in fact an output of the first and second consequences.

“This is exactly the approach that the US Democrats adopted, that is they replaced militaristic views and strategies with negotiation and interaction with the target countries and could establish their views as the prevalent discourse in the US. As a result they could embrace victory and beat the neoconservatives in the recent midterm legislative elections.”

Seraj believes that Republicans realized that they were playing a lose-lose game both at the domestic and international levels, and then endeavored to undergo a recovery in a bid to achieve success in the upcoming elections in 2008.

He said that an internal refinement is the first step taken by the US Republicans in this regard, adding, “Dismissal of such warlords as Rumsfeld and John Bolton was a serious effort in this regard in order to modify the neoconservatives wing led by Dick Cheney.

The expert also mentioned that a change of strategy and discourse by the Bush administration sets the second step for the Republicans to change their lose-lose to a win-win game.

“Now instead of adopting the military option, the neoconservatives attempt to resort to interaction and negotiation to confine Iran’s power, which means playing the game the way their rivals i.e. Democrats do.”
“The new approach of the Republicans serves two main goals,” he said. “On one hand, they take the weapon out of their rival’s hands, and on the other, they can revive their social bases among the elites and public opinion.”

He said the third step for the Republicans is growing a more moderate wing under the US Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, and making Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and certain members of the foreign relations council cooperate with Rice.

“This wing is due to bring strategic changes to the US foreign policy and turn negotiation and interaction into the dominating discourse of the US foreign policy,” Seraj stated.

According to Seraj, paving the required ground for the nomination of Rice as a more moderate element of Republicans in the upcoming presidential elections of the US sets the fourth step of the new win-win game Republicans pursue.

He believes that the measure serves Republicans pretty well as it can soothe their concerns about the efforts made by Hillary Clinton at the domestic level and confine the target countries, specially Iran, and force them into negotiations in a bid to change the Middle-East into a scene of their victory at the international level. “This way they can guarantee their victory in the upcoming presidential elections.”

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