Iranian Nation will Gain its Rights

A0247676.jpgIranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stressed his people’s insistence on the right to access civilian nuclear technology, saying that Iran will eventually gain its rights. Addressing the people of Yazd in central Iran during his 26th tour of the different provinces of the country on Wednesday, Ahmadinejad warned enemies and western countries that access to nuclear energy is not a political issue for his country.

“The nuclear issue does not belong to only one special group,” he said, adding, “All the world nations, even the big and powerful ones are supporters of the Iranian people.”

The president further referred to the opposition shown by enemies to Iran’s progress, glory and prosperity, and addressing the leaders of the US and Britain, he said that every step they take against Iran will add to their own problems and that they will gain nothing but further wrath of the Iranian nation and failure for themselves.

“Enemies will gain nothing but failure, defeat and disappointment,” he said.

Addressing the heads of the US and Britain, president Ahmadinejad advised them to give up their inhumane acts and attitudes and refrain from trampling upon the rights of nations and instead adhere to divine principles and reconcile with the people.

“I advise them to give up their obstinacy. I warn them that they can’t make the Iranian nation give up its right and bow to them through ratifying a written text at the bodies that they themselves have made,” he reiterated.

He also warned them that in case they refuse to do so, they will have a fate similar to that of Pharaoh’s.

“Every step you take, will add to the problems and knots. The Iranian nation is standing up in every corner of this land and will defend all its rights powerfully. No matter what you want, the Iranian nation has found the path to glory and is vigilantly presence on all scenes. The Iranian nation, God willing, will drive you recluse,” he underlined.

President stated, ” the US and Britain were our enemies even before the victory of the Islamic Revolution and maintained hostile to our nation. They trampled upon our oil for tens of years and set up the western civilization using the riches of such nations as the Iranian nation. ”

He added, “so far you (US and Britain) have gained nothing but the wrath of nations. You have experienced failure in Iran and every step you take against the Iranian nation will add to your problems further. Beware that the Iranian nation is resisting you in a united manner and will defend its rights. ”

Noting the issues of Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq and Lebanon, Ahmadinejad stated, “Today, there is a tight arms rivalry in the world for piling up Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs), these measures show a satanic will for reining the mankind.”

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