Cleric Dismisses Sanctions Option as Inefficient

Westerners do not know Iranians, otherwise they would realize that UNSC resolutions would leave no impact on our people’s resolve to access and use nuclear energy, Tehran’s Interim Friday Prayers Leader Ayatollah Mohammad Imami Kashani said today. “Enemies are ignorant of the Iranian people’s behavior and the conditions prevailing in Iran and they imagine that their resolution (1737) has caused damage to our country,” Imami Kashani said during his second sermon while addressing a large congregation of the fervent worshippers on Tehran University Campus here on Friday.

He further stressed Iranian nation’s loyalty to its Islamic and Iranian civilization, religion and Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei, and continued, “If you pass even 10 more resolutions, you will fail to inflict any damage on our country.”

Describing UNSC resolutions against Iran as “unimportant” and “fruitless”, the cleric condemned the recent UN Security Council resolution on Iran’s peaceful nuclear activities, and said that enemies are practicing two types of transient and permanent measures and plots in their confrontation with Iran.

He mentioned enemies’ extensive propaganda to portray a negative image of Islam is among the permanent and principal plans pursued by them.

“As a main conspiracy, enemies are using their extensive propaganda instruments to depict Islam as a religion of violence and terror while they are also endeavoring to do exactly the same thing with the Iranian civilization, that is, they intend to introduce Iranians as a violent nation holding weapons in their hands,” Imami Kashani said.

He reminded that Iran deplores nuclear weapons, saying, “Both our leader and Islam condemn production and use of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs), we are just intending to enrich uranium to a scale needed for industrial purposes.”

“And Iran authorizes the world to come to our country and supervise its nuclear activities,” the cleric continued.

Saying that enemies seek to undermine Iran’s status and prestige, he stressed that his country “will not give up its indisputable and inalienable right to access and use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.”

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