VP Views Iran-Syria Cooperation Good Paradigm for Region

A02739111.jpgIranian First Vice-President Parviz Davoudi said cooperation between Iran and Syria can set a very desirable paradigm for the regional states. Speaking to reporters in a joint press conference with Syrian Prime Minister Muhammad Naji al-Utri after signing 12 cooperation agreements here in Tehran on Thursday, Davoudi said that the two sides’ economic, social and cultural ties should match their excellent political relations.

He said Iran-Syria relations produce excellent fruits for the regional countries, specially Lebanon and Iraq, adding that Tehran-Damascus cooperation affects Iraqi nation and government, accelerates withdrawal of occupying troops from that country and establishment of stability there.

The official said the two countries’ excellent cooperation can also play a positive role in supporting Palestinian forces and Hamas government.

He said following the two sides cooperation in auto-manufacturing, cement production and power plant construction, they will soon start cooperation in oil and gas and tourism sectors.

Davoudi also voiced Iran’s enthusiasm for the transfer of hi-tech to regional, specially Muslim and friendly countries, in all those areas where Iran stands first in the region, including civilian nuclear technology, medicine and medical treatment.

He said Iran will soon import several tons of olive oil from Syria, adding that the volume will still increase in future.

The first vice-president also said that Iran-Syria unique ties could set a very appropriate and convenient model for the regional and Islamic countries, showing how Muslim states in the region can reinvigorate themselves through cooperation to have a share of the international markets.

He referred to a good tripartite cooperation among Iran, Syria and Venezuela in building refineries, and concluded, “This cooperation can lay a good ground for the development of these countries’ ties with the regional countries and other revolutionary states which might even be outside this region.”

Also during the same press conference, Syrian prime minister said that the documents indicate the two government’s friendship and efforts are made to expand ties and cooperation to a unique level.

Muhammad Naji al-Utri pointed to the inauguration of the assembly line of Iran’s ‘Samand’ passenger car in Syria in the last few weeks and the start of other joint projects, including cement production in the Syrian city of Halab and construction of Bainas power plant, in the next 2 or 3 months, and said, “These examples indicate a kind of qualitative change in Iran-Syria relations in different areas, and the next step is materialization of the two nations’ will.”

He also stated that the said cooperation serves as a confrontation with challenges Iran and Syria are facing and also show the two countries’ loyalty to their unchangeable national principles.

The Syrian premier also described consolidation of scientific cooperation, transfer of technology and use of Iran’s experiences in technological areas as the main areas receiving major attention of the two countries’ officials, and said that the two sides have decided to increase exchanges between Iranian and Syrian research and scientific centers.

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