Syria Underlines Consolidation of Ties with Iran

Syrian Prime Minister Muhammad Naji al-Utri stressed the need for the consolidation of Tehran-Damascus ties under the present sensitive juncture of time, reminding that Iran and Syria are, as always, siding with each other to develop regional stability and security. Speaking to FNA in the northeastern city of Mashhad on Saturday, al-Utri voiced deep pleasure in his positive and valuable talks with Iranian officials and the trip to Mashhad.

Noting the two nations’ age-old ties, he described talks with the Iranian side in the form of Iran-Syria high joint commission as very constructive and called for the increasing development of relations between the two states in all areas, specially under the present sensitive conditions.

The official also underlined the solidarity of Tehran and Damascus in standing against the world of arrogance and enemies of the regional security, stability and nations.

The Syrian premier also reiterated the necessity for the expansion of tourism between the two countries, particularly the development of pilgrimage tourism between Mashhad and Damascus.

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