Fugitive Embezzler Arrested

Fugitive multibillionaire Shahram Jazayeri who embezzled millions of dollars from Iranian government and banks was arrested after he escaped prison a few weeks ago. A statement released by the Iranian Intelligence Ministry said, “Pursuant to industrious efforts by Iranian intelligent agents and judiciary officials, the fugitive criminal, Shahram Jazayeri, was arrested.”

The statement also added that the initial steps are being taken for his transfer to Tehran.

Meantime an informed source in Iran’s judiciary power said that Jazayeri had been arrested in Oman.

“Interpol agents have launched extensive investigations about the hide-out of this economically corrupt individual in the country of Oman and arrested him in a surprise raid this morning,” he said.

But a senior foreign ministry official dismissed the report, saying that Shahram Jazayeri has been arrested “but not in Oman”.

Elsewhere, Iran’s ambassador to Oman denied the above report.

“Shahram Jazayeri has not been arrested in the country of Oman,” Morteza Rahimi stressed.

An informed diplomat in Iran’s mission in Oman also rejected the reports, and said, “Shahram Jazayeri has not been arrested in Oman.”

Jazayeri, who embezzled millions of dollars and was subsequently sentenced to 30 years of imprisonment in 2001 for disturbing Iran’s economic system, escaped from prison about three weeks ago.

Following his escape, sources said that he has already escaped the country.

Jazayeri was tried a second time a few weeks prior to his escape and was waiting for the verdict of the second court.

A statement released by Iran’s judiciary on the same day that Jazayeri escaped prison said that the convict had cheated and bypassed the security agents while he was under tight security measures outside prison.

The statement also said that Jazayeri was taken out to identify his properties and real estates for the Judiciary officials as the court ruling required him to return the money he had embezzled before trial.

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