Iran’s Strategy, Support for Iraq’s Sovereignty and Territorial Integrity

Spokesman of the Iranian foreign ministry in reaction to the statements made by Egypt’s foreign minister, said that Iran’s nuclear activities are intended to pursue the country’s sustainable development adding that support for Iraq’s territorial integrity and sovereignty forms Iran’s strategy. Spokesman of the foreign ministry of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Seyed Mohammad Ali Husseini made reference to the remarks made by the Egyptian foreign minister alleging Iran’s instrumental use of Iraq in favor of its nuclear issues and said, ” Such remarks are distant from the realities dominating relations between Iran and Iraq and contradict the spirit and nature of the strategies of the foreign policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran”.

He further expressed surprise over comments and analyses concerning significant regional and international issues in such a manner that would not serve the interests of the Islamic and Arab nations and reiterated that Iran’s strategy in relation with Iraq stresses support for the people and the elected government of Iraq, sovereignty and territorial integrity of that country as well as unity of ethnic and religious groups and finally transfer of the administration of affairs to the people of Iraq themselves and withdrawal of occupiers from that country.

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